Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FABULOUS and FUN Wedding

Okay, this cake may not look like it was too difficult but I think this one ranked up there with some of the most difficult things I've done yet.  The bottom 2 layers were made of rice krispy treats which was way more complicated than I thought it would be due to the shape of the tiers.  Then trying to put the diamond pattern on this shape is even more difficult.  We put them on once then had to take them off and redo them.  This cake took almost twice as long as I anticipated.  Then we get to the wedding and asked where the cake topper was and they didn't have it so I had to go back and make a bow really quickly and bring it back.  That's why it is a little soft looking.  It didn't have enough time to dry completely to make it super fluffy.  Oh well, it was still a HUGE hit.  Also, the decor for this wedding was AMAZING!  I wish I had photos.  Molly Davis from A Simple Touch Wedding Decor did a FABULOUS job!

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