Sunday, December 21, 2008

Something totally different

When Molly asked for this cake for her wedding I thought to myself, "seriously?"  Then after looking at the picture a few more times I thought it was fantastic.  Then after I made 1/2 inch ruffles for 9 hours I really grew to appreciate it.  I also questioned the apples, but once the flowers were on the cake and it was sitting on the apples I fell completely in LOVE with it.  It was just so simple and organic for this outdoor wedding.  It's a good thing that other people have great vision because without them I would be way less creative.  Thanks Molly!!!

60th Birthday Party for a woman this time

This customer asked for pretty and elegant.  That's not usually what I do but I decided that I had better incorporate some of that into my repertoire if I want to broaden my horizons.  I loved doing the pretty cake instead of the funky cake for a change.  The only thing I would have changed was the bow on top.  I wanted it to be the other direction but it wasn't quite dry enough so we had to sit it the more stable way.  But it doesn't matter, it was fantastic.

60th Birthday Party

Rich is a huge Steelers fan so we had to make him an appropriate cake for the occasion.  I thought that this logo would be a piece of cake... no pun intended, but it was a little difficult with the tiny lettering and the fine little points on the logo.  Anyway, he LOVED it!

1 yr old's Favorite Flower

My niece was turning 1 and my sister said her favorite thing was this huge pink flower light in her room so we decided to make big pink flowers for the cake.  Since my sister didn't really care about colors that much I just used the olive green left over from the cake the week before.  I think it worked out famously.  The baby LOVED it.  Nothing like pure sugar fondant flowers to snack on... for get the cake...

Babies once again

This is a repeat of another cake I had done a few weeks ago.  We just changed the mint green base to ivory.  I just can't get over this HUGE bow.  I love it.  It makes me want to put it on every cake.  :o)

Rice Krispy Cake

Ha!  This "cake" is made out of rice cereal treats.  It was for a display that had to sit out for 2 days and cake would not have survived that.  It worked out quite well.