Saturday, May 23, 2009

8th Grade Grad Party of the Century!

Can I just start by saying that this party was off the chizain!  The invitations were fabulous to start with and that's what we matched the cake to.  It was fun watching this cake come together with all the different colors, textures, and glitter.  Then we had to make a matching key out of chocolate fondant and glitter it up with gold.  I ordered this pink cake stand a long time ago and I love it, but it never seems to be the right color of pink to match anything I do, so when I saw this, I flipped.  I couldn't believe it matched perfectly.  Who knows, it may be the first and last time I get to use it.  :o)

A White Wedding

Well, this isn't something I do everyday... White on white... but you give the people what they want right?  :o)  This cake turned out really nicely I thought.  When I got there to drop it off the florist had just left the topper and the mini bouquets on the table for me to put on the cake.  I am not a florist by any means and it always frightens me to put real flowers on cakes.  The topper was fine because it was easy but I couldn't bring myself to put the mini bouquets on each tier.  I told them if they wanted to do it after I left they could but I couldn't watch.  I think they looked just as pretty around the bottom of the cake stand instead.  :o)

Cupcakes for a baby shower

This shower was at my house so that made it tough to host and make the cake so I made cupcakes instead.  They were DELISH!  There were 4 different kinds to choose from.  there was chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and white chocolate mousse on top, chocolate with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache on top, lemon with white chocolate mousse filling and lemon-flavored meringue on top, and lemon with raspberry filling and white chocolate mousse on top.  It was also the first time I got to use my new clear acrylic cupcake tower and these darling little cupcake wrappers.  The tower has two more tiers that can go on the bottom to double the amount of cupcakes that can fit on the tower.  It's handy that it all comes apart to be whatever size you need it to be.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FABULOUS and FUN Wedding

Okay, this cake may not look like it was too difficult but I think this one ranked up there with some of the most difficult things I've done yet.  The bottom 2 layers were made of rice krispy treats which was way more complicated than I thought it would be due to the shape of the tiers.  Then trying to put the diamond pattern on this shape is even more difficult.  We put them on once then had to take them off and redo them.  This cake took almost twice as long as I anticipated.  Then we get to the wedding and asked where the cake topper was and they didn't have it so I had to go back and make a bow really quickly and bring it back.  That's why it is a little soft looking.  It didn't have enough time to dry completely to make it super fluffy.  Oh well, it was still a HUGE hit.  Also, the decor for this wedding was AMAZING!  I wish I had photos.  Molly Davis from A Simple Touch Wedding Decor did a FABULOUS job!

Wedding Desserts

These were some desserts I made for a wedding this weekend.  I actually did it for one on Friday and then again on Saturday, on top of all the cakes I did too.  I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life.  I did have some excellent help from Heather and my sister.  Thanks guys!  We did it.  There were actually 2 other kinds of cupcakes, rice krispy treats drizzled with chocolate, and chocolate covered strawberries but I didn't want to put too many photos on here. It turned out really nicely!

Sophie turns 6

I only got the request for this cake 3 days in advance and I had a ton of work this weekend and almost said I couldn't do it but when she described what she wanted I couldn't turn it down.  Pink on pink giraffe and leopard, with a crown, and lime green bows?  What?  Does it get any more girly and adorable?  I think this cake is darling!  It made my Friday a lot more rushed but I think it was worth it for such a fantastic cake.

Another Sweet 16!

This one was really fun because the birthday girl knew EXACTLY what she wanted.  :o)  She drew a picture of the cake and emailed it to me.  And she did a fabulous job.  She drew the cake better than I could.  It's crazy that I'm not good at drawing my own cakes but I can take a drawing and duplicate it in sugar.  I LOVE what I do!

50th Birthday Party

This was for a surprise birthday party that 4 daughters threw for their mom.  We were supposed to make it pretty and blingy.  I hope we succeeded.  Those are little black rhinestones on the bottom tier.  I used to put those on with my fingers and then I realized that there were special tweezers for that.  Holy cow!  Sometimes I wonder how I get things done when I usually manage to do it the hard way first.  Thanks to all the people who bring these things to my attention and help me make my own job easier.  :o)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why should girls get to have all the fun???

This cake was for a baby boy shower.  The mom-to-be told me what she wanted and said "why should girls be the only ones to have all the cute trendy stuff?"  Right?  I don't know of too many people who would have requested bling and zebra print on a boy cake but it definitely works for this one!  It is one of my favorite boy cakes for sure!  I did the "wild" zebra print instead of the "pretty" one like on the girl cakes and I think it turned out awesome!  I was wondering if the giant bling on the prince crown was going to be too much but it totally worked.  I loved it anyway...
Oh, the crown says "little prince."  The wrap was too tight to get the whole thing in a picture.

Another 40 and FABULOUS!!!

This cake was for a surprise 40th birthday party and the instructions were to make it pink, black, white, and FABULOUS!  Wow, no pressure!  We were looking for inspiration through some of my friend Erin's scrapbook designs (Glitz Design) and found some awesome stickers that were pink, black, white, and FABULOUS, so we turned it into a cake.  They said it was a HUGE hit at the party!  I'm really starting to dig the bling.  I'm not normally a big fan of non-edibles of any kind on a cake but we have to make the exception for the bling because it is just too fun.

Sweet Sixteen!!

Doing the 16 for the top of this cake was a little bit crazy.  I had the six all made but thought it looked funny, then I realized it was backward!  Where is my head?  Then for some reason I thought it was a good idea to make it out of fondant but then when it came time to put it on the cake it completely cracked apart.  It was not good.  So I had to completely remake it out of gum paste at the last minute.  It was a little crazy and I can't believe I didn't think of that in the first place.  I've been a little out of it this week.  Nothing like making the 16 three times!  :o)
But I LOVE the bling on this one.  I ran out of the small ones so we used bigger ones than normal and I completely loved it!  I hope no one tried to eat it.  They are acrylic... not edible...

Baby Girl Blocks

Since I did the baby boy block cake I've been wanting to do a girl version of it so when I got asked to do the cake for a surprise baby shower cake for a girl in a networking group I belong to, I got to do whatever I wanted.  So here is the pink blocks!  We got some bad news in our family the day I was finishing this one so I was a little distracted and this wasn't my best work but it turned out okay.