Saturday, August 22, 2009

AMAZING Baby Shower

This was quite possibly the most fabulous baby shower EVER!!! From the invitations, to the table settings, to the custom drink menus, to the draping behind the cake table, and of course we can't leave out the cake, this was an amazing party!  And I'm  not going to be humble about this cake.  I think it freakin ROCKS!!  We had a little trouble with the black and white damask in the beginning and we had to tear off and recover one of the tiers with fondant and start over, but it all worked out in the end.  But I would say for a first time damask we did a dang good job.  Oh, and good too!  Bottom tier was chocolate with chocolate buttercream, middle tier was carrot cake with cream cheese, and the top was a dummy cake because they wanted to save it, I mean and who wouldn't want to... good job on the fondant roses Melissa!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flowery baby shower

For those who follow this blog you will notice that this was an insanely busy week.  This was the 5th, yes the 5th cake for this weekend and that doesn't include the tons of cupcakes that we did on top of all the cakes.  It's getting a little crazy.  But this cake is very very high on my all-time favorite cake list.  They gave me a photo of the baby's crib bedding and said to match it so this is what we came up with and I am absolutely in love with it.  The 3D flowers were the best.  I had a ball making them at 3 a.m.  It's usually when I do my best work.  :o)

Called on a mission

This elder no longer has to wait to hope he gets called on a mission, he is leaving this week and this cake was for his "leaving reception" or whatever the gathering was for him and his family before he leaves.  I had no instructions so I came up with my own design and I fell in love with it.  When I first put the giant white square on top of the black round it seemed overpowering but when I put the belt on it evened it right out.  Oh, I didn't pipe the name tag.  Melissa who works for me did.  She has mad skills at these sorts of things.  She also makes sugar cookies that look like these tags.  They are really cool!

Batman for the birthday boy

I LOVE this cake!  I love the clean sharp lines of it and the tag was just the coolest thing ever.  I did this same cake a year and a half ago or so but I think this one turned out even better than that one.  I liked it a lot.  I'm not very good at writing with a piping bag so I found these awesome letter cutters that worked out great.  It took forever though.  It took me almost an hour to make this little tag.  The letters were just so fragile.  It was crazy.

Simple and Elegant

Cakes without decoration seem like they wouldn't be very difficult but they are more work than it seems like it should be.  When there are no decorations to cover up flaws you cake has to be flawless!  And that's tough, especially with a square tier.  My cakes are usually hyper decorated so this was a challenge for me to make a smooth sleek cake but I LOVED the gerber daisies on the top.  They made it look amazing.

Small but Fabulous Wedding Cake

I've never done only a 2 tier wedding cake before but it turned out really nice.  This design was taken from the table clothes and napkins for the wedding.  It was a nice new challenge for me to create new piping designs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Check out the new oven!

I got to use my new oven for the first time last week and it was the COOLEST thing EVER!  Who gets excited about ovens...???  This thing can bake so much cake at one time it is ridiculous!  It's hard to keep up with it.  Anyway, we had a very successful first week at our new shop and it was amazing to have such fabulous equipment.  Now I just can't wait until I get my new lime green 20 quart mixer!  Yahoo!

White wedding w/ a splash of yellow

This cake was gorgeous!  There were so many tiny tiny flowers on it!  We made like 500 flowers and it still wasn't enough, we had to make like 50 more.  It was crazy but I really liked how it turned out.  The yellow sash was fun too and quite a bit more challenging than we thought.  Wow!

Happy 40th Birthday!

This was such a fun cake.  The birthday girl apparently didn't like too much bling and giant bows so we had to keep it a little more tame.  So we just put a lot of white daisies on it and it turned out DARLING!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

WE HAVE FINALLY MOVED! 1661 S Val Vista Dr #102, Gilbert, AZ 85295

We have moved!  No more making cake from home!  Yeah!  We had all these glamorous plans for our own store front but when it came down to it we would have to raise prices a lot higher to pay for the rent there so instead we just moved to a commercial kitchen in Gilbert that will allow us to  be more efficient, "and in compliance with Maricopa County health code."  :o)  We share the space with Midday Gourmet, a lunch time caterer, so that we can keep costs down.  We will not be open for the public to walk in but are always open via email and phone and then by appointment of course.  We didn't want to increase our overhead so much that it increased our odds of not making it so we decided to keep it simple.  It is a great shop that is conveniently located at 1661 S Val Vista #102 which is on the SE corner of Val Vista and Ray behind the Water and Ice.  It used to be a "Dream Dinners" location that went out of business but the sign is still up on the building.  I know... not the most glamorous thing in the world, but it is a nice kitchen and I feel lucky to have found it.  Please contact us via the web site if you're interested in one of our fantastic cakes!!! 

Redo of a favorite wedding cake

I did a cake similar to this one back in April and it has been a HUGE hit on the blog so this couple wanted to recreate it in their colors.  White with a bright fuschia pink.  Making a pink color that was that deep of a shade was a real challenge but the coolest thing about this cake was that it was banana cake!  2 tiers with chocolate ganache and 2 with cream cheese.  YUM!  Although that made this one of the heaviest cakes I've ever made and one of the tallest.  We couldn't fit it back in the fridge after we finished it.  Thank goodness it made it to the wedding completely in tact! 

Cupcakes for a fun 50's theme birthday

These are records on the top of these cupcakes in case anyone is wondering.  My husband thought they were tires!  Good grief!  I thought they were really cute records and the cupcakes were good too.  This pink buttercream frosting was to die for!

Bridal Shower

This was a fun cake to make.  The entire thing was pink velvet with cream cheese.  The batter was way more pink than the baked cake ended up being but it was still cool.  I just took my red velvet recipe and put pink in instead of red.  It tasted good though because the chocolate that flavors it was really good even if it makes the pink a little dark.

Baby's First Birthday

A first birthday party for a sassy little one year old.  The small cake was just for her to eat and the make a mess with.  The big cake was 3 different kinds of cake.  Pink velvet with cream cheese, lemon, and chocolate.  This was a busy weekend.

2 Tier Wedding Cake

This was for my cousin's wedding.  They only wanted 2 tier and since I was having a hard time only doing a 2 tier cake for a wedding I had to make one of the tiers really big.  We did 3 kinds of cake on this one and it was delish!  Chocolate w/ chocolate, white w/ vanilla custard and strawberries, and lemon w/ white chocolate and raspberry.  YUM!