Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Rexy Bones" Cake

This cake was for my boy's 3rd birthday. He loves the movie Night at the Museum and wanted a "Rexy Bones" cake. With limited time I didn't know how else to create a skeleton so this is what I came up with. I hand cut the bones with an x-acto knife out of gum paste.

Pink Damask!

LOVE LOVE this cake! The bride's invitation was pink black and white damask so we took that and incorporated it into the design. Just the pink and white layers are cake, the black layers are just separators.

Modern Chic

Modern Chic
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This cake was one of my favorites of the weekend too. It was a challenge getting those stripes straight on the bottom of the cake and the cutouts were a challenge too but in the end it turned out really nicely. We had to redo the board once because the separator under the cake was too big and we didn't realize it until we put the cake on top of it and it was all wrong so we had to rip off all the fondant on the board and completely redo it. It was a little crazy.

Simple and Organic

The bride and I went back and forth quite a few times deciding on the design of this cake. I had something else in mind but this is what she wanted and I'm really glad she did because it turned out really really nice. It was one of my favorites of the weekend, and we had 8 weddings...

Colorful wedding cake

You know me... I always love a modern and different twist on a traditional cake and I think the bride did well with this one. Her mom wanted only one color of ribbons but she wanted all three. It turned out really fun.

Damask w black & pink bows

This cake turned out very elegant. It was a lot of fun to make because it was somewhat traditional with cool modern accents.

White on White Damask

This cake was so elegant. From a distance it kind of looked just white but if you look up close there was a white damask pattern on the white.

More Fishing Lures

Fishing Tackle Box Cake

This was half the cake for a 50th Birthday party for a husband and wife turning 50 in the same week. Apparently he is a big fan of fishing, Coors Light, and Skoal.

Coach purse cake

This was the other half of the husband wife 50th birthday party cake. She's a big fashionista!

Happy Birthday Town of Gilbert

This cake was for the 90th Birthday Celebration for the Town of Gilbert at the Global Village Festival. It was a lot of fun to make. We had much grander plans but when it was due at the same time as 8 other wedding cakes we had to tone it down a little bit so we could get all the work done. The iconic water tower was way more work than we thought it was going to be but we liked how it turned out. The "photos" around the bottom of the cake were edible images of the town of gilbert "then and now." it was really fun to be able to put them on the cake.

2nd Wedding

2nd Wedding
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This was a tiny cake for a second wedding of an older couple who didn't want to make a huge to do over their wedding but wanted something cute. You can't tell really in the photo but the R was all super glittery. It was a fun cake.

Ruffly Birthday Cake

This little girl was turning 2 and her mom wanted her cake to match her outfit. It was a ruffly tutu type skirt and a shirt with a ruffly cupcake on it. This cake was a lot of fun to make.

Farm Cupcakes

These cupcakes went with the ruffly cake. The birthday girl also apparently LOVES farm animals and they were having a petting zoo so we made some super fun farm animal cupcakes for the party too.

Seashell Wedding Cake

This cake was a take off a cake in a magazine. The cake in the magazine had way smaller tiers but we needed the cake to feed 100 people so we had to make it bigger but it was a really fun cake.

Cell Phone Cake

This cake was for a 12th birthday party and she was getting this phone for her birthday.

More Todd Heap Cake

Todd Heap of the Baltimore Raven's was turning 30 and his big Birthday bash was here in town. We were privelaged enough to be able to make his cake. It was personalized for him with his interests and nicknames. We also made 75 football jersey cookies to go along with it. LOTS of work, but worth it.

90th Birthday party

This cake was a version of a cake we did a couple of months ago. A friend's grandma was turning 90 and she is a huge fan of cribbage and golf and they wanted her to be a princess for a day. When we get a better photo of this cake we'll post it. Forgot the camera again...