Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Yin Yang Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was for an "opposites attract" type couple and the bride wanted a yin yang type cake to reflect that.  She picked out the light and dark colors and wanted it half and half.  I deliberated over it for days and came up with this.  We wanted it to be unique and different but at the same time elegant and classy.  I hope we succeeded at that.  I didn't get to see the reaction of the couple but 0ne man told me it was like a "little masterpiece."

Another Suns Themed Grooms Cake

This one was a surprise for the groom.  He is a huge Suns fan and the bride wanted to do something special for him on the wedding day.  I didn't get to see the reaction of the couple but the hotel staff at the venue loved it.  :o)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

3 Year Old's Star Wars Birthday

This darling little boy that lives down the street from me wanted a star wars cake with Darth Vader and a red light saber on it. We thought about making the cake Darth Vader but then I got really scared and couldn't go through with it. I couldn't bear the thought of messing it up so I just went with round. His mom found the Darth Vader candle holder with the red candle in it so that part worked out. Then the trim around the bottom was a red light saber with a silver handle. It was a really fun cake to do.