Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Original Baby Shower Cake

I finally recovered this picture after the computer burning up incident. This cake was done fairly early in the cake making game. I think my third one. But... this cake is probably my all-time favorite that I've done. It was a little time consuming but completely worth it! This cake ROCKS!

Alix's B-Day

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot how cute this one was. I didn't take a picture of it when I made it because I didn't have my camera so Alix just emailed it to me. It was for her 14th birthday. She is a darling girl!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kamryn's 4th B-Day

I LOVE this bow! The kids dug it! They thought it was bubble tape and couldn't figure out why they could chew it up and swallow it. :o)

Shireen's B-Day last year

This photo is a year old but none the less one of my favorites. It looks like a little sparkly dress!

Shireen's B-Day

This one tastes as good as it looks. I put Creme De Menthe & Andes mint baking chips in the chcolate batter and then put Mint buttercream between the three layers. It was a cute and tasty on the inside as it was on the outside!

Bella's 2nd B-Day

I can't believe my baby is 2 already! I know this cake looks a little more like Easter than a birthday but I thought it was a really pretty, and girly looking cake.

The Neighbor's Wedding

This cake was originally supposed to be a football field on the bottom, Chicago Bears theme in the middle, & Tampa Bay Buccaneer's theme on the top but the mother in law who was paying for the cake said "absolutely not." So, here we are. They had to settle for the football helmet cake toppers of their favorite teams.

Steve's B-Day

I had such big plans for this cake but I didn't have enough time to do it all. I made cake and key lime pie in the same day and that is a huge undertaking! I wanted to do some red & yellow in the flames but ran out of time and had to just settle for orange. But that's okay, it turned out really fun and Harley Davidson looking. The kids dug it! Bella and Dax started eating before we could even cut it.

Tamara's B-Day Cake

We got her jewlery (not from Tiffany's) for her birthdaybut thought it would be fun to make her a "Tiffany's Box" cake. We were in Mexico for her birthday so I took everything down there already prepped and then built it there. We were short on the blue fondant so it was a little thin, but we made it work! The bow also had a little more volume before it hit the humidity. The soggy air left it a little limp.

Someone's Wedding Cake

I made this cake with Leanne for someone who hired her to make it. Only the top layer is edible. Oh, and those dots... They are white glass tipped straight pins! It's a good thing nobody is going to eat this cake.

Baby Shower Cake

A friend wanted a cake to match the invitation to the baby shower. It was mostly brown but had all these other colors in it too. It was striped with a cute swirly design. I think I did the invitation justice. :o) I meant for it to be crooked but I should have made it more crooked so it didn't just look unlevel but looked like I meant it to be wonky.

Anniversary Cake

My husband's friend saw Brody's cake and just wanted the zebra and the leopard for his girlfriend. I love doing animal prints.

My Neighbor's 15th B-Day

This was an incredibly fun cake to make because it was so small and cute!

Heidi's 30th B-Day

This one is one of my best as far as being structurally sound, smooth, and level! I'm learning A LOT! I absolutely LOVE this cake!

Kristy's B-Day Cake

This one was going to be white and black originally but then I got scared and didn't want it to look like a wedding cake. So pink it is!

Brody's 1st B-Day Cake

This cake was so much fun! We (Pamela & I) got started on it way too late so it was a little hurried but it turned out so dang cute. It was for a 1 year old's birthday and everyone loved it. The giraffe was the most fun to do.

12 year old girl B-Day

Word spread to a friend of a friend and I got a phone call wanting a birthday cake for a 12 year old birthday party. She wanted something fun and this is what I came up with.

My First Fondant Birthday Cake

I had just gotten sattelite and discovered the joy of the Food Network. The cake Challenges got me inspired to start making cuter cakes than I had in the past. It was Bella's first birthday and I thought I should do something fantastic and this is what I came up with. I thought it was awesome but didn't realize the cake frenzy it was going to start for me.