Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beatles Cake

This birthday cake was fora die hard Beatles fan turning 30. I took images from the "Abbey Road" and "Revolver" album covers to create this "artsy" cake. That was the instructions... It had to be artsy not funky and cool so I hope we achieved that. I was pleased with it.

Boston Terrier Cake

Okay, this birthday cake was for the owner of the Boston Terriers, not the dogs... She just happens to love her pooches very much so that's why we put them on the cake. The paw prints were fun to make. We cut out hearts and then modified them a little bit and then added the circles.

Fondant Dogs

These dogs were really fun to make. I've never modeled dogs before but I've done farm animals and monkeys... how hard could it be? These are supposed to be Boston Terriers and I think I did an okay job for being an amateur modeler (is that even a word?). The noses could have stood to be a little shorter but for my first time I did alright. :o)

Cupcake Cake

This cake was so much fun to make!! It took quite a bit of carving to make the top like I wanted it but I thought it turned out great. You may not be able to see it in the picture but the "frosting" section was airbrushed with pearl and dusted with super fine edible glitter. The cherry on top was just the cherry on top. :o)

Cub Scout Shirt Cake

Melissa made and decorated this cake and did a phenomenal job! I have the best employees ever!! When it comes to detail there is no holding back with Melissa. Talk about a cool cub scout banquet dessert.

Special Order 60th Birthday Cake

Well, all the cakes we do here are special order but this one was super special order. I love it when they taylor the cake to the person it is for. Apparently he likes poker, golf and is some sort of "pretty pretty princes." I'm not sure of the details and I didn't ask.... :o) Everything is edible on this cake except the flag pole, it's a sucker stick.

More Valentine's Cupcakes

These were fun to make. I really liked the variety of designs. It made the cupcakes way more interesting.

Valentines Cupcakes

We baked these in red cups with white polka dots. The hearts are made from red fondant engraved with a heart design. The design was done with a rubber rolling stamp by my good friend Erin's scrapbook design company. They are called "roller doodles" and if they haven't yet been used with ink they (or any other rubber stamp) can be used to put an impression in fondant. Check them out at Fun technique.

Kai Lan Sugar Cookies

Yay!!! The food color printer is working again!!! These cookies were crazy amounts of work. Mostly because I had never made them before and wasn't sure what I was doing. We printed the images on frosting paper and then made a card stock template to cut out the cookies with a knife so they would match the images. If it had been more than 24 cookies I may have made a cookie cutter... Then we iced them with royal icing and layed the images on top of the wet icing. i made a huge mistake though and stacked them too soon before they were dry and the images came off on the parchment paper in between them. I had to print new images and then add a new layer of frosting and redo the images. It was CRAZY. I made Wall-E cookies too and the same thing happened but I didn't have the frosting sheets to recreate those so we had to make cupcakes with mini Wall-Es on them but I forgot to take a photo of those.

60th Birthday

We did 3 60th Birthday cakes 3 weeks in a row. It was fun. The colors on this cake were so bright and fun. When I dropped it off some little girls playing outside asked if I was from "The Cake Boss." It was cute.

A Mini Remake

We did a wedding cake back in December like this but it also worked in a mini version for a baby blessing. We of course added the W instead of the cute balls and the banner on the bottom tier.