Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kai Lan Sugar Cookies

Yay!!! The food color printer is working again!!! These cookies were crazy amounts of work. Mostly because I had never made them before and wasn't sure what I was doing. We printed the images on frosting paper and then made a card stock template to cut out the cookies with a knife so they would match the images. If it had been more than 24 cookies I may have made a cookie cutter... Then we iced them with royal icing and layed the images on top of the wet icing. i made a huge mistake though and stacked them too soon before they were dry and the images came off on the parchment paper in between them. I had to print new images and then add a new layer of frosting and redo the images. It was CRAZY. I made Wall-E cookies too and the same thing happened but I didn't have the frosting sheets to recreate those so we had to make cupcakes with mini Wall-Es on them but I forgot to take a photo of those.

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