Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gotta Love the Fun Wedding Cakes!

As much as I love doing the traditional "pretty" cakes for weddings I have to say I am especially fond of doing the fun ones.  Thanks for your help Heather!  
These guys got married in Hawaii and then this was for their open house here in town.   The decor for this backyard event was beautiful.  It was done by Molly Davis of A Simple Touch Wedding Decor.  You can check out her work at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding

Okay, I hardly ever do fake cake but we kind of had to for this wedding.  It was HUGE and we didn't want to destroy the center piece so we just made the top 4 inches of the top tier real cake and the rest styrofoam.  Then we made sheet cakes for 400.  That was an undertaking I tell you...  They originally requested just the 3 tiers, because that's what fit on the stand that I had, but I just couldn't do it.  At the last minute I added the bottom tier because I had the dummy already and it wasn't a big deal to just decorate it.  But then I had to borrow a different stand so it would fit, but overall it was so much better and fit the occasion better because this was one of the most fabulous wedding receptions I have ever been to.  Especially for a back yard reception.  The flowers, decor, and food were AMAZING so kudos to whomever did those!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Tea Party

This cake was for an Easter Tea Party that is apparently a really big thing every year, so I was so flattered that I was asked to do a cake for such a fantastic event.  As you can see from the blog posts, this was the 4th of 4 for this week which made for a very long week and I had been awake for like 23 hours when I started decorating this cake and it was 27 hours before I finally got to go to bed.  This cake is actually much brighter than it looks in the first photo, the lighting wasn't the best this early in the morning.  It was not as yellowish as this picture looks.  I got a better photo of it from the photog for the event (smaller picture) and as you can see it is much better and a much better representation of the true colors of the cake.  The photog is Michelle of Sweet Moments Design and she is AMAZING!  Check out her work at  But I LOVED the pink swirls on the bottom tier.  They were my favorite.  It was so fun making a topsy turvy cake.  They are always more challenging but totally worth it for how fun they are.

FABULOUS at 40!!!

This cake was for the most fabulous 40th birthday party ever!  The birthday girl is fabulous, the party was fabulous, and thus had to have a fabulous cake.  It was delish too.  We did it half chocolate w/ chocolate and half lemon w/ white chocolate and raspberry.  YUM!

A Simple Wedding

This cake was for a small wedding so they didn't want something totally traditional or huge.  This cake is based off of a cake from Martha that I thought was fantastic.  This is not the best picture of this cake because the white flowers kind of blend in to the blue cake a little too much.  I have got to learn how to use my camera...  I was going to put pearl centers in the 257 flowers that adorn this cake but it looked just a little too regular so I put the blue metallic dragees in the center which made it way more fun.  

Ryan Turns 5

This one was for my neighbor and once again said do something race car... so this is what I did.  I've been wanting to do the checkers for a long time so I finally got the chance.  Then I did the fondant edging to look kind of like upholstery piping.  Then I just cut out the race car.  I have got to find some new letter cutters though.  These are just not my favorite and cutting out lettering with an x-acto knife is not the funnest thing in the world.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Baby Boy Turns 2

Since my son is only 2 and doesn't have an opinion on what his cake should be like yet I took the liberty to just do whatever I wanted and I thought the glassless fishbowl was cute.  You can't see it very well but there is a lily pad on the top with a little flower.  I really wanted to make a little frog for the top but just ran out of time.  My husband was giving me crap because none of the fish have dorsal fins but I don't care.  If he only knew how much work went into these things he would realize why there are no dorsal fins on the fish.  Happy Birthday Z!

Oh, and if you can't tell I finally got a new camera and can do my cakes more justice by taking better pics of them.  Who knew it would make such a difference...  Yeah!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bohemian Chic Yet Springy

The girls that ordered this baby shower cake were so much fun.   They brought me like 4 different scrapbook papers that were being used for the shower and they were all extremely detailed prints of all kinds of things.  It made designing this cake interesting.  At first we went with "Bohemian Chic" then it turned to "Springy" and this is how it turned out.  The giant flowers were supposed to go on the ledges of the tiers but they were too giant so they had to go on the top.  Plus they kind of interfered with with butterflies too so the top was best.  I have no idea how to make real gum paste flowers but this was my best shot at making them look kind of real but of course not botanically correct.  I'm nowhere near that skillful but for being a total amateur and just making stuff up I thought they were cute.  :o)

Ivy's 12!

I haven't even met this girl but I like her already.  She emailed me about making her this cake weeks ago and it was just too cool how she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't shy about going about getting it.  A family friend picked it up so I didn't get to meet her but I hope I get to.  Hope you love your cake Ivy!  Happy Birthday!