Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Tea Party

This cake was for an Easter Tea Party that is apparently a really big thing every year, so I was so flattered that I was asked to do a cake for such a fantastic event.  As you can see from the blog posts, this was the 4th of 4 for this week which made for a very long week and I had been awake for like 23 hours when I started decorating this cake and it was 27 hours before I finally got to go to bed.  This cake is actually much brighter than it looks in the first photo, the lighting wasn't the best this early in the morning.  It was not as yellowish as this picture looks.  I got a better photo of it from the photog for the event (smaller picture) and as you can see it is much better and a much better representation of the true colors of the cake.  The photog is Michelle of Sweet Moments Design and she is AMAZING!  Check out her work at  But I LOVED the pink swirls on the bottom tier.  They were my favorite.  It was so fun making a topsy turvy cake.  They are always more challenging but totally worth it for how fun they are.


Heather said...

How do you do so many by yourself?? :) girl, you have got to open your own buisness and let me work for you!! hahaha I love the pink cake!!!!

Tam said...

Huge success! The cake was as tasty as it looked!