Thursday, August 6, 2009

WE HAVE FINALLY MOVED! 1661 S Val Vista Dr #102, Gilbert, AZ 85295

We have moved!  No more making cake from home!  Yeah!  We had all these glamorous plans for our own store front but when it came down to it we would have to raise prices a lot higher to pay for the rent there so instead we just moved to a commercial kitchen in Gilbert that will allow us to  be more efficient, "and in compliance with Maricopa County health code."  :o)  We share the space with Midday Gourmet, a lunch time caterer, so that we can keep costs down.  We will not be open for the public to walk in but are always open via email and phone and then by appointment of course.  We didn't want to increase our overhead so much that it increased our odds of not making it so we decided to keep it simple.  It is a great shop that is conveniently located at 1661 S Val Vista #102 which is on the SE corner of Val Vista and Ray behind the Water and Ice.  It used to be a "Dream Dinners" location that went out of business but the sign is still up on the building.  I know... not the most glamorous thing in the world, but it is a nice kitchen and I feel lucky to have found it.  Please contact us via the web site if you're interested in one of our fantastic cakes!!! 

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The Dixon Gang said...

Congratulations! I have thought of doing the same thing but much the same as you, I don't want to increase prices! I love it that you are not open to the public! I think it takes a lot of the stress off!!! Hope things go amazingly well for you :)