Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vintage Inspired

This cake is totally something that I would have never done of my own free will but now that I've done it I would do it again in a heartbeat. This cake isn't particularly "me" but it was gorgeous and a whole new challenge for me. I had never done this technique before but I was pleased with how the lace effect turned out. And the monogram was fun too. I got a new tool, the food color pen and it works wonders!! Then there was the sugar pearls... We placed a couple hundred at least by hand. I didn't think such tiny little pearls would add that much to the finished product but it really did. I just love how this cake is kind of vintage by modern and forward all at the same time. This was the shocker favorite of the year for me I think. It just goes to show me that I need to open my mind a little more and not just do cakes that are "me" or in my comfort zone.


SnapBooth said...

April, this cake is so beautiful!!


Cheri said...

April the cake turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!

Melissa said...

April, I LOVE this cake. Click on the picture though and make it look big - check out the fly in the upper left hand corner. Hee hee!!!