Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ice Blocking Birthday Party

This cake was for a birthday party where the boys were going ice blocking so we did the cake to go with the theme. The boy to ice ratio is a little off but hey it's easier to make a big ice block than a huge kid. This kid was hard enough. Heather and I had never made people before so I thought we did a good job for our first time. I have a whole new respect for those people on Ace of Cakes who model little people all the time. But the ice block was fun too. We finally got an airbrush, we are really official now... :o) We used the airbrush to spray blue and silver on the "ice" block to make it look like really cool melting ice. Then we had to put "grass" around the bottom of it since they are sliding down the side of a grass hill. We had a TON of FUN making this cake!

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