Monday, October 5, 2009

My Table at The Bridal Show

This was my table at the show. I didn't think I was doing enough cakes for it but when I got there I realized that we had more demo cakes than all the other cake vendors combined. It was a good show. I met so many great people and being on Good Morning Arizona was a nice bonus even though I had to set my table up 3 hours early to be on TV. I mean who really needs more than 2 hours of sleep right??? :o) A HUGE thank you to Heather too. She worked so hard on Saturday to get the cakes done and then came to the show on Sunday! You rock girl

Oh, I forgot to mention that since the last show we decided to not change the name. We are going to keep "Designer Cakes By April" since it has been that for a long time and I'm pretty sure that no one else has that name for their cake company or any other business for that matter. My friend Erin said it very well... "Just call it what it is." :o)
Speaking of Erin, I want to say a quick thanks to her for her great moral support and inspiration!

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