Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Golfer in the house!

A golf fan turns 33!  This cake was SO much fun to make.  I hope he dug it.  I wasn't quite sure how to work a golf theme into a fun cake that is still interesting and cool so I found a cake very similar to this one online and kind of ripped off the idea to put this together.  But hey, at least it was from someone across the country and wasn't someone in town.  The argyle was a rough pattern to make but totally worth it in the end.  It's just not golf without some tacky argyle right....? :o)  The golf ball on the top was giving me problems but I finally got it done.  Everyone kept telling me, "you should just use a real golf ball," but I just couldn't.  I had to make one.  It's bad enough that the flag pole is not edible.  

I'm still working on taking better photos of the cakes... so I had to post 2 so you could see the top of the cake as well as a side view so you could see the slanted tiers.  That always make a cake more "fun" to make... or scary.  :o)

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The Galvan Family said...

Awesome! I will definately be calling you for one of those. My husband turns 40 in November- so that will be awesome! He is a golf finatic!!!