Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another FAB Wedding

I'm not sure if I've ever worked harder in my life than I did this weekend.  I did this wedding cake, these cupcakes for the same wedding and the fly boat cake.  I was up since 3 am and worked until about 7 pm straight through.  It just about killed me off but was totally worth it because this cake turned out great!  and the cupcakes were DARLING.  Piping is not my strong suit so this was a challenge for me.  And piping dark on light is really scary.  You can't make very many mistakes without making a HUGE mess on your cake.  It took SO MUCH food coloring to color the royal icing to make it this color that it will stain anything it touches so you can't wipe off too much without messing up your fondant underneath.  You can't really tell in the photo but it has a gold pearl dust painted over the ivory.  Anyway, it was tough but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  Oh, and Thanks to Alix, Sydney, & Jill who rushed to my aid at the last minute when I didn't think I was going to get this cake done or delivered on time.  You guys made it happen!  Thanks!!!!


Heather said...

You amaze me every time. Absolutly love them all!!!! You seriously are my idol... no joke!

Stacy said...

This is probably one of my favorite cakes you've done. And I've looked at everyone you've ever posted! Congratulations. You must have fun! :)

Melissa said...

It turned out great!
I know what you mean about piping on the cake. I don't like it when people ask me to do that either.
You are so talented.