Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Very Sweet Sixteen!

A sweet sixteen surprise birthday party is always a great occasion for a fancy cake. The 16 actually matched the decorations for the party which was very cool. There was a little bit of a sad story about this cake though. We had our first cake-tastrophe. When I was delivering it the top fell over when I did a u-turn ( that will teach me to pay closer attention) It broke the bow and made a gouge on the bottom tier on the back. It was sad and I actually cried. We put it back together at the party and it was still pretty presentable but I was very sad about the whole thing. I guess we all have to live and learn right???


Amanda said...

Gosh April...everytime I visit your site I fall in love again. You are amazing to say the least!

Haven't seen you in a while. Hope all is well. All the best,
Amanda Duff

The Galvan Family said...

April I got your blog info from Julie Lewis, do you mind if I put you as a link on my blog? I am amazed at your cakes. I am trying to think of something that I need one for. my blog is: thegalvanfamily.blogspot.com
Sincerely Terri Galvan

Cindy said...

Hi April...girl, you are amazing! I am so impressed. Thank you again sooo much for thursday night, I know the ladies enjoyed it so much. I for real felt like I was watching food network!! You are hilarious! We had a GREAT time with you guys at dinner, too, you are fabulous company. We must do it again...soon! love ya!