Sunday, September 5, 2010

Houndstooth cake

I LOVED making this cake. She wanted houndstooth pattern and I had only limited time to make this cake so I didn't have time to order an edible image so I tried to print one of myself but the black would only show up as an outline so, no joke, I went back over it with a food marker and colored in each of the tiny black houndsteeth (funny, is that what it's called?) haha. It was a little crazy but it turned out good.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I need your feedback about Fairies!

My amazing and talented friend Gigi paints fairies such at this one and many more. You can check out all her work at She and I are collaborating on a project. I would make the fairy themed cakes and little plastic fairies like this one would come with it as decoration and then can be taken home by the kids at the party as favors. Please tell me if this is something you would like to see and if you would order it for your little princess' party. Thanks for your input!

Heather's Rock Star Cake

My employee Heather got married and I got to make her whatever cake I wanted. I originally made her the square orange and pink cake w/ the daisies on it but then I knew it wasn't "Heather" enough so I made her this rock star cake too! It was way more her and I thought it rocked!!! The gum paste flower and feathers were the best.

Heather's Princess Cake

This cake was so pearly and pretty but I'm glad I didn't leave it as Heather's only cake. But how fun is it to have 2 wedding cakes!!!

Masculine 50th Birthday Party Cake

This cake was one of the most challenging cakes I have ever made. Making chocolate cigars with custom gold labels was one thing, modeling the guy on a motorcycle was another, but the black and grey striped fondant was a whole different story. This cake was inspired by a Tammie Coe piece and now I know why she charges what she charges because the striped fondant was not funny at all. The bottom tier was my first attempt and the top tier was my second attempt. I'm sure if I did it a few more times it would get easier. I'm sure having a sheeter would make this job so much easier! And if you want to keep the stripes from mutating you have to "fold" the fondant around the cake. It gives it a different but kind of cool look. You go Tammie Coe!

Green flower cake on custom stand

This cake was super fun to make! First of all this color of green is my total favorite. Then the funk flowers were just a blast to create. I made the board and painted it custom for this cake and I think it totally made the cake!

Leaf Cake

Leaf Cake
Originally uploaded by Designer Cakes By April
There were so many leaves on this cake!!!! I had Mandy cutting them out and she made so many of them we ended up making a demo cake very similar to this one for the bridal show just to use up the extra leaves and because this cake was just so cool we wanted one like it in the shop.

Cupcake holders

These are FABULOUS cupcake holders made by "The Cakehole Project" in Phoenix, AZ. They had a booth at the bridal show too and we made the cupcakes for their display. They are absolutely the coolest cupcake holders I've ever seen!

More cupcakes

The holders are cooler than the cupcakes.

Super Mario Bros Cupcakes

We found a picture online and had to make these fabulous cupcakes for my friend's son's birthday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Treasure Island Birthday Cake

This cake was over the top fantastic. It was quite a project. You can see the dry ice "smoke" coming out the top of the volcano. The palm trees were made of chocolate and gum paste and the dinosaur, dragon, and alligator were made out of modeling chocolate, covered with fondant and then airbrushed.


Originally uploaded by Designer Cakes By April
This is only the 3rd time I have ever modeled anything in my life and I think it turned out okay. I keep finding these hidden gifts and talents that I didn't know I had. It's crazy! I have been very blessed as I continue to use my talents.

Love Damask and Stripes

I love the combination of the damask and stripes on this one and especially with the green. The horizontal stripes are so much easier on a square cake than on round we found out. Still not the easiest thing to make look good but way easier than round. :o)

Cherry Blossoms w/ the pet

The bride and groom requested this cake because they loved the cherry blossom cake and then saw on "Ace of Cakes" where there was a dog taking a bite out of the wedding cake. So... I took some photos of their husky dog and made a little model of her taking a bite out of the corner. I didn't take out too much because I couldn't bare marring the cake more than absolutely necessary. Believe it or not I've never really considered myself to be a sculptor and this in only the second time I've done it but it was like 10 times better than the first time. I even shocked myself how much it really looked like their dog!!!

Damask and Quilting

This is a remake of a similar cake I did last November. Cute with the pink flowers and feathers. :o)

Remake of Blue Vintage Cake

I had a ball making this cake the first time in blue and had just as grand a time making it a second time in green. I really liked the green. It leant an elegance to the cake that went well with the vintage theme of the wedding.

Ivory and Lavender

This cake was originally supposed to be smaller but they wanted it big so we put a styrofoam bottom on and made the rest cake. The middle tier was purple velvet but since it was dark outside everyone thought it was just chocolate. It really was purple. I didn't realize that a little bit of food coloring goes a long way!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Rexy Bones" Cake

This cake was for my boy's 3rd birthday. He loves the movie Night at the Museum and wanted a "Rexy Bones" cake. With limited time I didn't know how else to create a skeleton so this is what I came up with. I hand cut the bones with an x-acto knife out of gum paste.

Pink Damask!

LOVE LOVE this cake! The bride's invitation was pink black and white damask so we took that and incorporated it into the design. Just the pink and white layers are cake, the black layers are just separators.

Modern Chic

Modern Chic
Originally uploaded by Designer Cakes By April
This cake was one of my favorites of the weekend too. It was a challenge getting those stripes straight on the bottom of the cake and the cutouts were a challenge too but in the end it turned out really nicely. We had to redo the board once because the separator under the cake was too big and we didn't realize it until we put the cake on top of it and it was all wrong so we had to rip off all the fondant on the board and completely redo it. It was a little crazy.